Tuesday, November 1, 2011

One cute cat...

I will be the first to admit that I totally slacked off this Halloween (I procrastinate with EVERYTHING)!
Last week Ryan and I thought that we should probably figure something out. We headed to Target and bought a totally overpriced Cinderella dress.
Then once Halloween actually rolled around and the weather had turned to fraken freezing I decided to improvise.
This is Lilly's fav new outfit that I bought at the "Old Gravy" last week and I painted a cat face on with some of my gray eye liner. Done.
She was pretty darn cute and the face stayed painted all night. Stoked!

Pig tail time.

I am not so sure what is going on here but you all are talking about painting my face and that does not sound like a good time.

So we bribed her with freshly baked choco-chip cookies.

Obviously it worked like a charm. Gotta love some good old fashioned bribery. 

Check out her cute pants:
(My Jersey girl will be continuing to wear these on a regular basis. You know it.)

Very serious cat.

Lilly, you are Mommy's pretty little girl. You had a blast Halloween of 2011 walking around the neighborhood with all of your friends. Next year Mommy will try to plan ahead a little better. But I can tell you are Daddy's "go with the flow girl" b/c you did not mind one bit that you did not have a hand sewn fairy outfit or an overpriced Cinderella dress made in China.
I love you sweet girl.

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