Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My little helper!

I had myself a little helper this round of raking. By helper I mean...jump in the neat piles as I made them and throw as many leaves as you can back into the yard. ;)
Lilly had a great time as you can see by the pictures that her Tia sent me this morning.

She sure can hold a lot of leaves for a little lady!

How Lilly got her groove back...

Yup. Told you she was throwing them! Here is the money shot.


  1. Love the last photo! And I am sure that no toddler is as stylin' either! LOVE the vest! Can't wait to see you soon! Hope today went well. Chat in the am! HUGS!

  2. love the Lilly got her groove pic :) Can't wait to see u two in a few weeks :)