Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ideas for a Cass living space...

Leen, This is just a start! Let me know what you think. We can always tone it down with some calmer pillows. :)

Mirrors can open up a room and provide additional light; always a plus in any room.
This particular beauty is a Pier 1 special as a lot on this page. ;)

I am in love with this pillow! It is beautiful and yellow cheery!
~ Etsy ~

Another cheery pop for the couch ~ Etsy ~

Abbie couch in choco. COZYLISH!

A whimsical, yet sophisticated coffee table.
Storage under a plus.
PS I THINK the legs on the couches/ ottoman are black, hence me being good with a black coffee table.

Abbie ottoman ~ Pier 1 ~

Abbie armchair ~ Pier 1 ~

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  1. Well I think it should pass Leen's test! Love it on this end! HUGS!!!