Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Squeezing in a bit more summer!

OBX Baby!
P.S. I used to think that this was an abbreviation for "obnoxious" when I saw people with these stickers on their car. No joke. Now I have one of those stickers. I can be obnoxious so it works. HA!

We stayed in Kill Devil Hills (I know nice name;) on Nags Head Beach. It was beautiful!
The weather was perfectly Californian. Warm, windy and chilly all within a small amount of time. I loved it!

Lilly is addicted to the beach & has made it quite clear that we need a beach house. Sure, no problem. Obviously, we are having a hard time being not up the street from the beach since we have spent the majority of our weekends here in NC at the beach. 

Nice clean, green water. Ah, refreshing. ;)

I know that it comes as no shock to you all that my girl did not stop jumping from the moment those feet hit the water. (Boy, did she sleep good these nights)

Miss it already...

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