Thursday, September 19, 2013

Home becoming sweet home:

Its getting there.

I found a few stores literally up the street that may send us to the poor house and that is NOT because everything is super expensive it is because everything in there is ADORABLE!
I have beautiful plans...

This is the wicker day bed that I bought last week and its friend the oval coffee table is being painted a bright yellow as we speak. I will post some updated pics as soon as she is in!
I do plan on having the daybed cushion covered soon with some brighter pillows. Its a bit too mellow for my taste right now.

Art space. Love.
(Gotta love the unicorn in the background.)

Lets be honest: What the desk looks like most of the time.

I LOATH this thing. Its in the middle of the room and hangs so low that I am constantly cracking my scull on it. I must admit its a little (tiny) less tacky since I removed the silk (yuck) beige (yuck) shades from all of the lights.

Today I am picking up the coffee table and finally making the daybed colors mesh.
Stay tuned for some updated picks. :)
Happy Thursday everyone. ox

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