Monday, September 5, 2011

I am rebooting.

Ever since we started seeing a nutritionist over 2-years ago we have been urged to go raw.
With the ever growing popularity of juicing, raw foods and the increasing toxicity of food in our society I have wanted to change the way we eat drastically for some time.

The journey did begin over two years ago when I found out I had PCOS and we were unable to conceive our little girl on our own. 
Our nutritionist assured us that we could solve this problem with the very way we ate rather than the use of medical infertility treatments.
I believed her but I was antsy so we did both. That said, we began a drastic change in how and what we ate back then. We began food combining, investing in organic foods to feed us throughout the week, herbs, the implementation of the pH Miracle diet & later feeding our daughter raw (goats milk, vegetables, etc.).

Unfortunately, these days we can not get away with eating and drinking the foods that I grew up eating. Food and farming is not what it used to be 30-years ago. The majority of food in our society is in fact toxic. That scares me. With a little more investment in our food and a little more prep time I am hoping to keep my family healthier in the long run.

These transitions have been easier along the way thanks to my Mom and the way that we grew up eating. We ALWAYS had lots of fresh vegetables and grains on our plate. Thank you Mom! You knew eating healthy would mold us and keep us tip-top for life. I love you!

Every few months I like to do a cleanse. This is the latest: The Reboot Program. This was introduced to me by my little sis Cassie and to her by our cousin Shelly. I thank you both b/c I have been looking for a way to change this household a bit when it comes to diet and to try raw. I think throwing myself into this 100% come tomorrow AM is the best way. There are recipes and meal plans and my hope is that once this week is over I will have a better grip on how to get these meals implemented into our lifestyle. I have also found this awesome website Raw Guru to help with some yummy recipes. Lets face it; love coffee, I love food and I love wine. Lets hope this transition is not too painful. 
Pray for me.

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