Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We went on into the city on Saturday to check out the annual NYC Auto Exhibit. It was a good time and Lilly was able to see a true to size "Bumble Bee" from Transformers. (Her Daddy was wayyy more excited than she was)


Again; Tia squeezed some more good shots out of Lilly this weekend.

"Can I help you?"

We then proceeded to rush home, clean and cook dinner since we had a crowd coming over for dinner.
Here is Ryan, Jack (Lillys boy toy) and Lilly cozy at the computer.

"Silly Mommy!"

Easter morning. We were tired after a wild and crazy night...

Lilly had more than a blast with her Tia. She misses her already!

Guess its time for my Easter dress. My pretty girl!

Alright everyone; lets goooo!

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