Friday, June 25, 2010

Things that make me feel "girlie"...

Yes, I went there! I went there b/c lately I am feeling like a tired, frumpy, spit up smelling housewife. ICK!
During my AM quite time...(aka a shower) I was thinking what are my favorite things to wear? What are the things that make me feel like a woman, girlie? Here are a few...this may just have to be a series as I see this being an ongoing struggle!

My favorite body mist by Victoria's Secret...

My turquoise, we will see how long these last today. Lilly is in the midst of "No grabbing Mommy's jewelry" training.

My favorite lip gloss by Lancome - it tastes yummy too ;)
Lastly, my failsafe, hide just enough maxi dress...perfect...

1 comment:

  1. Love this post! I will have to think of my fav "girlie" things. I know one for sure is the Body Shop Clementine body cream...DELISH! But I know I will have more for this list.